Our expat services 

Expat Investment Services 

An overview of our expat investment services

Investment Platforms

Flexible lump-sum and cash investments

QROPS Pension Tranfers

Improve access and reduce your IHT liabilities

Expat Insurance Services

Life, income and and critical illness protection

Expat Pension Services

Review your expat pension transfer options

Offshore & Compliant Bonds

Tax-efficient lump-sum investments

International SIPP Transfers

Increase flexibility and pass on your assets to loved ones

Wills and

Probate Services

Protecting your assets for loved ones to enjoy

 Expat Financial Services

View our full range of non-investment related options

Regular Contributions

Non-contractual savings and portfolio building

Property & Expat Mortgages

Overseas mortgages and end-to-end property purchases

Looking for a New Adviser?

Full investment reviews to reduce your charges

Inveq Worldwide

Inveq provides financial services 

globally. As part of a global

network that is regulated in 

multiple jurisdictions, you can be

assured of the best possible 

results regardless of your location.



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Robin Matthews trading as Inveq is a member of OpesFidelio and is authorised to give financial advice subject to contract in parts of the EEA (Excluding the UK). OpesFidelio is a trademarked network of the Aisa Group which includes Aisa Financial Planning Ltd and Aisa International s.r.o. Aisa Financial Planning is authorised and regulated in the UK as an independent financial adviser for UK retail clients by the Financial Conduct Authority and has permissions throughout the EEA under both directives IDD and MiFID.  View FCA authorisation here.

Aisa International s.r.o. is authorised and regulated in the Czech Republic as a financial adviser by the Czech National Bank and has permissions through selected EEA countries. Cash and Tax services are not regulated.