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Contractual expat investments have historically been notoriously difficult to understand. Opaque charges and complex terms have confused thousands investors that have not fully realising  the commitments involved, often resulting in disappointing outcomes and in some cases, loss of capital.

When selecting a custodian for your expat pensions and savings, is It is vital to understand how investment charges affect results, with small adjustments making big differences over time.  

Our range of expat investments are daily traded offering transparency, liquidity and flexibility at a low cost. Without time periods to complete or hidden commissions to pay, we give you access your capital when you need it.

When investing as an expat, you may be recommended an expat investment platform or an offshore bond. Potential tax advantages where you live may affect the choice of compliant solutions on offer, but the basic principles of transparency and paying for investments remain the same - pay as little as possible for product charges and agree an fee with your adviser.  

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Expat Investment Platforms

Expat Platforms

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Offshore Bonds

Offshore and Tax-Efficient  Compliant Bonds

What To Look Out For

Insurance-based expat investments can use fixed-term charging structures that facilitate commission payments  to advisers at the start of the contract, increasing both costs and restrictions on liquidity

Although adviser commission is still permitted in many locations, it is not in the UK to prevent the sale of products that benefit advisers more than customers. However, there are some countries where locally compliant bonds can be very tax-efficient, and by removing  fixed charges you also remove restrictions. 

Regardless of whether it's investment platforms or offshore bonds that are right for you, flexible charging regimes are always possible so don't be afraid to ask questions if in doubt. Contact us today to learn more about transparent, commission-free investing in your best interests.

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