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Historically, contractual expat investments have been notoriously complex and difficult to understand. Opaque charging structures and complex terms have contributed to thousands investors not fully realising  the commitment involved, often resulting in disappointing outcomes and in some cases, loss of capital.

It is vital to understand how results are influenced by the charges that are deducted from your investment, and why only small changes can make big differences over time. 

Our range of expat investments are daily traded offering transparency, liquidity and flexibility at a low cost. There are no minimum time periods to adhere to or hidden commissions to pay, meaning you can access your capital when you need it and without penalty.

Potential tax advantages where you live may also affect the choice of compliant solutions on offer, but the basic principles of transparency and paying for investments remain the same - pay as little as possible for product charges and agree an ongoing fee with your adviser.  

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What to look out for

When using insurance-based expat investments caution is advised. Fixed-term charging structures may facilitate the payment of commission to your adviser at the start of the contract and increase restrictions on liquidity. 

Although this method of remuneration for advisers is still prevalent in many places, it is no longer permitted in the UK to prevent the sale of products for the benefit of advisers and not the customer.

However, there are some countries where locally compliant bonds can be very tax-efficient, and by removing  fixed charges you also remove restrictions. 

The motivation of fee-based advisers to manage investments prudently enhances service levels for customers. Working closely with the same goal means improved investor outcomes and adviser incomes, so both parties benefit.  

Regardless of whether it's investment platforms or offshore bonds that are right for you, flexible charging regimes are always possible so don't be afraid to ask questions if in doubt. Contact us today to learn more about liquid and transparent, commission-free investing.

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