Expat savings plan

Expat Regular Savings 

Save for the long-term with short-term commitments

Investment platforms allow regular contributions without the need for contractual commitments. If investing lump-sums is not an option for you and you're starting to build a portfolio, payments from surplus income can create substantial assets over time.  

When saving over the long term it's inevitable that circumstances will change along the way. House purchases, children, changes in salary, university costs and retirement all form part of life's cycle and all require funding. Having savings readily available to address these events is vital, and making regular contributions to an investment is the perfect way to start.

Contributions can be disciplined or made on an ad-hoc basis whenever surplus funds become available. Without contractual obligations, missing contributions due to other commitments or unplanned events won't be penalised. 

With thousands of low-cost, fully regulated securities at our fingertips and guidance to help you make the right choices, we'll start you on your way to achieving financial security.

Get in touch today to explore non-contractual investing, and plan your long-term future without restrictions along the way.

With each payment, an appraisal of where the best value exists can be made, increasing the potential of compounding returns over the longer term.

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