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Partnerships with innovative providers of expat investments enable us to bring the latest technology, flexibility and value to investors worldwide.

Being independent doesn't tie us to fund managers, investment platforms or trustees, giving us freedom to pursue the best possible results for every individual.
Our range of fee-based strategies offer maximum choice, control and the ability to make adjustments effortlessly whenever required.
Regulatory standards vary around the world, so it's important to know you are making the right financial choices.

Inveq removes doubt from financial decisions by implementing UK best practice to all expat investments and wealth management services. 

Operating on a fee-basis using only liquid, commission-free securities, we give you flexibility and access to your capital when you need it.

Clear guidance and transparent charging allows our customers to enjoy  trusted expat financial advice, regardless of location.

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Expat Financial Services

Insurance, property,

wills and more

 Expat Pension Services


pension transfers 

U.S. Connected Expats

IRA's, 401k and U.S. 

compliant investments

Keeping you informed

Servicing and regular investment reviews keep you  informed and us up-to-date, so we can adapt efficiently as your circumstances change.

Dedicated access through online portals allows you to monitor how your finances are working for you anywhere at anytime.
OpesFidelio & Aisa 
We are proud to work with OpesFidelio, an award-winning network of EU-based advisors raising the standard of international financial advice worldwide. 
OpesFidelio is a trademark used by the Aisa Group of companies.  Aisa International companies are based outside the UK and Aisa Financial Planning, a Chartered Firm based in the UK, has been a pioneer of fee-based advice for 20 years.
Details of Aisa's Financial Conduct Authority regulation along with its rights to passport investment and insurance services outside of the UK can be found here, and below are some of the network's recent awards.
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We maintain the highest levels of service, putting our customers first with expat financial advice designed to achieve optimum results.

Our flexible approach gives global customers the option to work together remotely, face to face or a blend of both, the choice is yours.
For an exploratory conversation to learn more about how our expat financial services can benefit you, get in touch today and enjoy trusted guidance and peace of mind, wherever you are.

Inveq Worldwide

Inveq provides financial services 

globally. As part of a global

network that is regulated in 

multiple jurisdictions, you can be

assured of the best possible 

results regardless of your location.



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Robin Matthews trading as Inveq is a member of OpesFidelio and is authorised to give financial advice subject to contract in parts of the EEA (Excluding the UK). OpesFidelio is a trademarked network of the Aisa Group which includes Aisa Financial Planning Ltd and Aisa International s.r.o. Aisa Financial Planning is authorised and regulated in the UK as an independent financial adviser for UK retail clients by the Financial Conduct Authority and has permissions throughout the EEA under both directives IDD and MiFID.  View FCA authorisation here.

Aisa International s.r.o. is authorised and regulated in the Czech Republic as a financial adviser by the Czech National Bank and has permissions through selected EEA countries. Cash and Tax services are not regulated.